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  • 人类的朋友初二英语作文
    • 作者:admin
    • 发表时间:2020-09-16 10:31
    • 来源:未知


    Nowadays there are so many animals out there make people in real life happier. Dog is the best example to identify. As many people believe dog is man's best freind, this is very true.It not just entertain us, however, sometimes dogs could actually help their owner do some work!

    When we are bored, we might take our dogs for a walk, we could play with them. Mainly dogs listen to their owner all the time, they are most obedient pet out of all kinds of animals.Peeple like dogs simply because, they are cute, they make fun of us and most significantly, dogs make people happier. Therefore, saying dogs are people's friend have nothing wrong, they actually obtain the most closest relationship with the human beings out of all animals.



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