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    My one breath reads off the fairy tale which “Sea Daughter” this Anderson writes to give me to be specially deep. “Sea Daughter” this article everybody is certainly very familiar! “Sea Daughter” in the fairy tale leading character lives in the sea deep place, is a mermaid.

    She might pass for more than 300 years years in the seabed world, then changed into the froth, finished her life happiness. Her life is longer than several times the humanity, but she does not have the human unique that kind “not to extinguish the soul”。

    In order to obtain this inspiration she to give up in the sea life, she endures these pain from already the fish tail changed into a two person leg. Afterward she liked a prince, obtained a humanity’s soul. That prince and the world female has married, her hope did not have. If she continues to become “the sea daughter”after must assassinate that prince, may return to her in the family member, returns to belongs to her from already world. But she does not have to do this actually from has thrown in entering the sea to change into the froth. I like “Sea Daughter”. It caused me to understand the life was valuable. Must have the strong will in anticipation in any surface, goes bravely facing it. In this book, I have not only known some happy stories, but also receives the very big inspiration education.

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